Strong Foundation

Raise your hand if you have a secret addiction to HGTV. Are you guilty of falling prey to the lure of that channel and its ability to make you feel like you can rebuild a house by your darn self in just one weekend? Now, I know it is not just me that is for sure. Well, at least that was me until I woke up from that state of delusion.

Any who, last week, I was taking in my weekly dose of Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Flip or Flop. Usually when I am engrossed in these shows, I am more interested in the end results. I don’t usually concern myself with the processes and my interest in what the property looked like in the beginning was more related to my wanting to experience the full wow moment when the great reveal flashed across the screen.   However, this week was different. I seemed to view these shows with a new pair of eyes. I noticed that every episode of each show presented the same challenge. No matter how fabulous each property transformed into, they all had some type of structural or foundation issue underneath. These problems were so debilitating to the project that the construction crew could not move forward.

As I pondered over what I apparently was noticing for the first time, I started to make the connection to my life and I am sure your life too. Just as a property with an inadequate foundation and damaged structure cannot move forward on its journey to becoming a breathtaking piece of art, a woman on her path to fulfilling her life’s purpose cannot move forward and transform if her foundation and structure are not sound.

As a result, I came up with a few strategies that can help you build a solid foundation as you prepare to live your best life. So, if you are interested in those strategies, please come on over and subscribe to my newsletter.

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