Would having an extra hand around to get things done be an awesome reality? Are you a business that needs qualified temporary staffing to meet the demands of your organization?


Finding household staff that you and your family can trust and rely on can be a daunting task. Finding temporary staff in a pinch can leave you pulling out your hair. With our staffing service, we’ll provide you with an in-depth face to face consultation to help you identify your staffing needs and expectations to determine the best options for you. Our Human Resources Department will use the information gathered to search for applicants who meet your criteria. You will receive a portfolio for each candidate who successfully completes our screening, interview, and vetting process. Once reviewed, you will select staff that best meets your personal or organizational needs.

Staffing Options

  • Administrative Assistants I – V
  • Childcare Providers (Daycare Centers)
  • Sr. Personal Assistants
  • Personal Assistants

  • Transportation Specialist
  • Housekeeping Specialist
  • Personal Chefs
  • Adult Care Companions


  • Business owners can have all their clerical and administrative needs met without interrupting the flow of their business when key employees take time off.
  • Daycare centers will remain in ratio compliance when employees call out sick.
  • Individuals and families will have an extra hand to make sure family and household responsibilities are managed.