My Personal Story

It was the morning of my 40th birthday. My body lay paralyzed in my bed, but my mind was moving in every direction humanly possible. I hesitated to open my eyes to this new day…this new year…this new journey. I thought if I opened my eyes , all the fears and beliefs I had about entering my fourth decade of life would suddenly come true. If I opened my eyes, surely I would be that woman in the market who barely had time to wash the oatmeal out of her hair let alone set an appointment for that much needed haircut. Surely, I would be that woman who spent her evenings griping to her friends over the phone about her unfulfilled life and those missed opportunities.

At some point during my stream of conscious rant, my eyes decided to open against my better judgment. As I looked around anticipating some amazing occurrence, I eventually realized that nothing had changed. I appeared to be the same person I said goodnight to six hours before. Suddenly panic started to take over my spirit. Why hadn’t anything changed? Why was I still the same person I knew yesterday? The fear I had of change was no longer my fear. My fear was that change had not come. I had not evolved into the person I was sent here to be.

As I sat there in that pit of panic, I gradually came to my senses. The planner in me started to take over. I knew that panic did not equal productivity. So, I decided to do something.

Over the next 12 months, I made it my mission to take control of my life and discover the reason for my existence. I stopped ignoring the burning desires that were relentlessly rearing their heads. I started exploring my strengths and my passions and how those things defined me and ultimately my path.

During this period of enlightenment, I was moved by the stories of other women who shared my desire to gain clarity and unleash their purpose; women who felt as if they had lost themselves in the dreams of other people. Through their stories, I began to realize that the struggle is real not just for me but for most women. So, at the end of this 12 month journey, I decided that the best birthday gift I could give to myself was the gift of helping other women just like me who are embarking on a journey to their purpose.

This gift became the womb in which Multiple Me was created and nourished.   A place to support the lives of those who are struggling to make their calendars and lives see eye to eye… A place to clear the path of the daily demands that parenthood, family, careers, and life can bring.

Welcome to the journey.

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