Have you ever needed to be in two places at one time?


At Kids Konnect, we strive to simplify the lives of parents by safely transporting children to and from various destinations, such as school, sporting activities, tutoring services, or nighttime fun with friends!

We also work with small childcare facilities by providing affordable transportation services that will allow them the capacity to provide their children with the off campus experiences that are generally only available to larger centers.


  • Pre-Arranged Door-to-Door Services
  • One-Way/Round-Trips to/from Activities
  • Sick Child Pick-Up
  • Doctor Appointment Drop-Off
  • Emergency Pick-Up

  • Morning/Afternoon School Pick-Up
  • Field Trip Transportation
  • Weekend Teen Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • Airport Drop-Off and Pick-Up


  • No more rushing from place to place only to end up being late anyway
  • Have time to pick up or fix dinner while your children are safely transported to their activities and back to your front door
  • Have a little extra time to complete the finishing touches on that pressing work project

  • Run that last minute errand without worrying about being late to the car pool line
  • Have a backup plan for emergencies
  • Automatic membership to our Pop-up Playdate service that can be accessed when school is out, after school, and on weekends

How it works…

Guardian completes the on-line interest form that includes the optional membership application and the required registration. The guardian creates a password that will be used to log-on to the site to set transportation reservations. The guardian submits the pictures of all the children who are registered onto the site. These pictures will be used for security purposes. To set an appointment, the guardian logs on to the site. Once logged on, the travel date(s), time(s), and location(s) are established. A confirmation that includes the estimated mileage and cost will be emailed once the reservation and payment have been processed.
Our drivers are First Aid and CPR certified and  required to take defense driving classes. All drivers undergo extensive background checks and their driving records are checked every 6 months.

Our shuttles are equipped with onboard security cameras and the latest technology to protect your children.