Have you ever wished you could clone yourself?


Every Mom or Dad needs another me from time to time. So, Multiple Me® makes that happen by reintroducing Girl and Guy Fridays. Our Fridays stand in for you when you need another you. No more running around trying to clone yourself. With Our Friday service, you can look like you are superman or superwoman without having to acquire the super powers.


  • General Errand Services
  • Shopping
  • Moving and Relocation Assistance
  • House Sitting
  • Event Planning

  • Scheduling
  • Courier Services
  • Clerical Assistance
  • Line Holder


  • Small business owners can have all their clerical and errand needs met without interrupting the flow of their business.
  • Parents will have an extra hand to make sure school projects and home projects all get done at the same time.
  • The frequent business traveler does not have to worry about making sure his or her house is in order while away.

Our Fridays…

  • are creative and experienced multi-taskers
  • are tech savvy and think quickly on their feet
  • are vetted and undergo extensive background checks and random drug screening.
  • are uniformed and easily recognizable