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About us

Multipe Me® is a full service childcare solutions and lifestyle management team headquartered in the Richmond, Virginia, designed to assist clients manage their active schedules. We provide staffing services, give assistance with event and party planning, locate and provide childcare and babysitting services, coordinate transportation to after school activities, and identify tutors for educational support of children ages 5 to 18.

About us

Our clients are both members and non-members who are only separated by the amount of their investment, not by the quality of the services they receive. Each gold and platinum Multiple Me® member is assigned a Lifestyle Manager who will work personally with him or her to develop a life map. This map is developed after a comprehensive needs assessment is conducted by the manager. Using this map, a customized package is created to assist the client with things such as assisting with life organization, emergency childcare, transportation to after school activities, virtual tutoring, and staffing services. As the needs of the client evolves, the lifestyle manager is always on hand to reroute the life map.

“Multiple Me has filled an educational void. The services are creative, instructional, and inspiring. Multiple Me has provided my son the kinds of events and outings I want him to engage in, but have little time to provide on my own… not only do I have time to grocery shop or take care of laundry, my son gets to enjoy fun events that also teach at an affordable price.” —Kelly C.